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"Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

In the year of our Lord 1880, we are told this was a time when people were given to hospitality and that families prayed together and stayed together. It was then the Lewis Campbell family received a country preacher, Rev. Dorrah Scott into their home, entertaining an angel unawares - one sent from God to preach in a "cottage" revival meeting. Twelve persons, Alexander Price, John Anna Smith, Bettie Maxberry, Cobbe Alexander, Smith Olidge, Richard Parker, Jennie Jackson, Carrie Higgins, Lula Epperson, Bette Buckner, Katie Waters and John Scott confessed a hope in Christ and were baptized. Rev. Scott under the direction of the Holy Spirit, assisted by Rev. Stewart and Rev. Evans from the Main Street Baptist Church, and Brother Louis from Zion Hill Baptist Church organized First Baptist Church Bracktown. During this time meetings were held in various homes. Rev. Scott labored with the young church for nearly two years, but returned to lead again after short tenures by Rev. Stewart, Rev. J. Chinn and Rev. S. P. Young

 It was on Rev. Scott's return that the ground at 3217 Leestown Road was purchased and the first church house was built. Records at the Fayette County Clerk's Office (Deed Bk. #7, page 177) shows that this land (one acre at that time) was purchased from Mr. Rufus Lisle on August 15, 1880, with a one hundred dollar cash payment and one hundred dollars due within one year from the date at the interest rate of 6% per annum until paid. The note was paid in full November 14, 1884 (4 years). A schoolhouse once stood on this site.

Mr. Lisle took mortgage on the property April 10, 1890 (Dept. of Archives, Frankfort, KY.-Bk. #496, page 22) for security on $1,300, the cost of materials and construction of a church building. An interest rate of 10% was to be paid on the mortgage balance after two years. The debt was paid in full and the mortgage was released on April 29, 1902 (after twelve years). The mortgage was signed by three trustees, Frank Jackson, Alex Price and Smith Olidge with the letter X. These men may have appeared to be illiterate, but they were wise enough to apply their hearts and minds to the wisdom of God.

Records also show that on August 2, 1930, the church was paid $1,000 by the county government (Fayette Co. Clerk Office-Deed Bk. #265, page 418) for .554 acres of land by the Lexington Board of Commerce, at the time of the construction of Highway 421. Trustees at that time were Tobias Hickman, Charles Price and Otis T. Jackson.  Rev. J. H. Mason was the Pastor.

Our first building was completed in 1931 under the pastorate of Rev. J. H. Mason.  Col. E. R. Bradley, a millionaire and owner of the Idle Hour Farm made a liberal financial contribution toward the building project

God has blessed this church with pastors who have served God and the people under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Each pastor who God sent to First Bracktown led this church to higher ground and has made their mark in our History, but most of all in Heaven.

Our present pastor, Rev. Dr. C. B. Akins, Sr. is boldly proclaiming "You must be born again. Our sole business is soul business." His ministry is complemented by the labor of his dedicated Christian helpmeet, Roszalyn Akins.

 We count it a joy and a blessing to be part of this vital fellowship in Christ during this progressive period. We deem it progressive because souls are being saved, saints are being restored, and Church Sunday School, Bible Study and Lord's Supper attendance are at an all time high.

 Outreach ministries for the Sunday school are in place and students from the University of Kentucky, Kentucky State University, Georgetown College and other youth in this community are being drawn to this spot in God's vineyard; an audio ministry provides tapes of our services to sick and shut-ins and out of town members; and new members are at work. College bound and continuing education students receive financial assistance from the Houston/Anna Mae Estill Scholarship Fund. The mortgage on the parsonage was paid off in 4 years (1988-1992). The renovated sanctuary and edifice with its stained glass windows have added to our worship experience. The church mortgage was paid off in 5 years (1990-1995). GOD IS GOOD!


On October 17, 2004, during the celebration of the church's 124th Anniversary, First Baptist Church Bracktown broke ground on a new church edifice at 3016 Bracktown Road. The new church building includes a sanctuary that seats 900 people, a multi-purpose room that serves as a gymnasium and fellowship hall, several Christian education classrooms, a church library, administrative offices, conference room, a restaurant-style commercial kitchen and a full service community day care that accommodates approximately 200 children.


On July 9, 2006, First Baptist Church Bracktown marched by faith to its current location. We endeavor to enhance the future of the next generation and serve as a beacon of light and hope to the Lexington community and beyond. Our pastor, along with the Leadership Team, stand ready to further the cause of Kingdom building. As we continue to press toward the mark of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus, we ask for God's continued blessings under the direction of the Holy Spirit to be that beacon that sits by the side of the road which ministers to the mind, body and soul.

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