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First Baptist Church -- Bracktown (located in Lexington, KY) is seeking a visionary Pastor, led by God, who aligns with the qualifications presented in 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9; and Peter 5:1-4.  The candidate must be a transformational leader, committed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, teach sound Baptist doctrine and engage in all pastoral duties as assigned.


A successful candidate must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be a licensed and ordained Baptist Minister called by God

  • Possess a four-year degree in an appropriate discipline (Master’s preferred)

  • Pastoral experience preferred (at least at the associate pastor level)

  • Ability to develop and deliver biblically sound and spirit-filled sermons that appeal to the people and connect with their current life experiences

  • Ability to teach bible study and Sunday school lessons that further increase spiritual growth among members

  • Provide proof of strong administrative and communication skills

  • Ability to articulate a vision for the church that emphasizes Christian education, evangelism, discipleship and empowerment

  • Have a record of successfully connecting with younger church members (i.e. millennials) and showing respect and admiration for senior members

  • Demonstrated ability to effectively work in harmony with Deacons, Trustees, other church leaders and the congregation in general

  • Documented success in establishing initiatives that promote church growth and membership retention

  • Has a track record as a revered community leader/activist with a desire to continue civic engagement

  • Have specific goals to increase the church’s role in evangelism/outreach; (e.g. ability to plan and implement collaborations with other local churches and the community at large)

  • Possess financial/business acumen


Duties and Responsibilities:  Oversee the spiritual development of the church body through biblically sound preaching and teaching that is life changing and relevant; Implement a plan to perpetuate the church’s growth both spiritually and numerically; Take heed to the needs, care and nurturing of the church membership through visitation and pastoral care; Function as a servant leader that provides direction to ministry leaders, church ministries and staff; Promote tithing, offering and sacrificial giving as God’s way of financially supporting His church as taught in Malachi 3:10; Demonstrate compassion and character above reproach, reflective of Jesus Christ and leads the church through inspirations from God; Employ means of accessibility to the congregation by establishing and maintaining office hours, etc.


Complete applications should contain the following: A cover letter, A current resume, Copy of ministerial license, Certificate of Ordination, 3 Reference Letters (including Letter from a Pastor, Letter from a layperson, Personal letter from a non-relative)


Final candidates will be notified and requested to provide additional information later in the selection process.  Final candidates must consent to confidential background checks (including references, criminal history, drug screening, and credit/financial history review).


All application packet materials should be emailed to the email address below beginning July 1st and no later than September 30th, 2019.

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